Balance & Dizziness

Dr. Kimberly Hoffman of Advanced Audiology & Hearing Care and Brian E Prell, MSPT, RRT of Lake Oconee Rehabilitation Physical Therapy are committed to the assessment and treatment of balance related disorders. Diagnosing the underlying cause of dizziness is a complex problem often requiring several tests that are collectively referred to as a balance function assessment.

Our state of the art facility includes the most sophisticated Videonystagmography (VNG) and Rotary Chair tests in the state of Georgia. We are thrilled to have this caliber of diagnostic equipment in our clinic coupled with personalized and specific treatment plans of balance rehabilitation to help patients with vertigo and non-vertigo related dizziness.

What is the VNG evaluation? Videonystagmography (VNG) is a complete diagnostic system for recording and analyzing involuntary eye movements using video imaging technology.

What is Rotary Chair Testing? Rotary Chair Testing is the gold standard for the diagnosis of bilateral (both) vestibular loss and tells us whether or not the brain has compensated for a loss of inner ear function on one side. The rotary chair is used with VNG testing to increase accuracy.