Cancer-Related Fatigue Programs

Cancer-related fatigue, or CRF, is very different from “everyday” tiredness. Individuals with cancer-related fatigue experience an overwhelming sense of tiredness, or exhaustion that is out of proportion to the activity they have undergone. Fatigue is one of the most challenging symptoms associated with the treatment of cancer, and it’s a symptom that our team of certified physical therapists are skilled at helping patients manage.

What can I expect from Cancer-Related Fatigue Program?

  • A comprehensive physical therapy evaluation
  • An individualized exercise program based on your specific needs supervised by a physical therapist
  • An eight-week program, meeting three times weekly
  • Continuous communication with your referring physician and other members of your treatment team in order to adjust your program when changes in your medical regimen occur

Cancer related fatigue (CRF) is experienced by 80% of people with cancer. It can be experienced before cancer treatment begins, while going through cancer treatment, and can remain for years after cancer treatment is finished. While the cause feeling tired with cancer related fatigue remains unknown, we can help you manage the symptoms. Discuss the benefits of physical therapy to manage CRF with your physician. When you’re ready, contact us [insert link to contact us page in “contact us” text] for more information.